Let's Go Kubernetes

Welcome to the first post from what will hopefully become a series on my adventures with Go! I’m really lucky to be able to experiment with some super awesome technologies which I will endeavour to write about more, so if you find this post helpful please let me know on twitter! If you’re new to Go, follow the getting started docs. You’ll also need to configure access to a Kubernetes cluster, or install Minikube - a single local node.

Evolving Infrastructure

We’ve undergone a lot of infrastructure changes recently at work. We actually submitted the very first DLT framework into Helm’s stable charts over a year ago. This allows anyone with a Kubernetes cluster to deploy a custom blockchain courtesy of Burrow (our contribution to the Hyperledger Greenhouse). We’re a great believer in cloud first and open source technologies so not only is Kubernetes a great fit for what we do, but Helm extraordinarily simplifies the whole deployment process through Go templating.